Hairware's California Collection

Hairware is proud to present their 'California Collection' a new and exciting range that features three constructions of wefted, monofilament and soft lace front wigs to create a range of stunning and wearable styles to suit all tastes and looks. These styles have been created to fill the wearer with maximum confidence, comfort and beauty. Made using the finest grade materials and feature cutting edge wig technology to create stunning looks to see and feel.


The Classic collection features a range of beautiful styles on a lightweight fully wefted cap.


The Monofilament Range features a selection of beautiful styles on a monofilament cap that takes on the natural appearance of the wearers scalp and skin tone. Each hair is individually hand tied to simulate natural hair growth to create a soft beautiful look. The cap is crafted from breathable materials selected for their softness for maximum comfort. These styles are perfect for women with sensitive scalps and those undergoing chemotherapy.


The Soft Lace Front Range features a selection of beautiful styles on a cap that mimics a natural hairline right down to the fine babt hairs that frame your face. These styles are custom made to have a graduated density giving the appearance of finer hair at the front that thickens towards the crown and are verstaile and flexible as the wearer can part and style the wigs just as they would naturally.



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