Revlon & Tressallure Hairpieces

The makers of TressAllure wigs, hairpieces, and hair extensions are happy to announce their brand consolidation with one of the industry's leading manufacturers of alternative hair products - Revlon Wigs

The same stylish TressAllure wigs and hairpieces you have grown to love are now made under the trusted Revlon brand.

Founded in 1932, Revlon is a premier beauty brand and household name respected worldwide for their innovation, fashion forward styling, superior craftsmanship, and popular priced products.

For decades, TressAllure has produced top selling wigs, hairpieces, and hair extensions - now, these customer favorites can be found by Revlon.

Feel free to browse the entire Revlon collection to find your perfect look. If you have been wearing a specific TressAllure hair style or color and you would like us to suggest a comparable Revlon style, let us know. Any of our friendly team would be happy to suggest an alternative style.

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