That's a Wig???

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Try a fresh new look with one of our special blend wigs!

Do you want to update your look in an instant or try a new hairdo before going for the chop? If so look no further than Hairware's Natural Collection Special Blend wigs. Made from 30% human hair and 70% premium heat friendly fibre that can withstand heat styling of up to 180 degrees, these beautiful and modern styles will give you the look you have always wanted.

These styles are constructed with the highest quality fibres that are blended together to give soft touchable natural looking hair. When combined with the lightweight soft hand tied cap construction these styles are the first choice for natural and comfortable good looks and style.

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Dress Up your Wig

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It’s the season for updos. Warmer weather is hopefully on its way in, and few things feel more refreshing than a spring breeze on the back of your neck. Besides the change in climate, it’s approaching a popular time of year for weddings. Though long and flowing locks are delightful, something about an upswept or braided style adds an extra layer of elegance. On top of those points, updos are currently all the rage.


Though it may not be your natural inclination to style your wigs into buns or classy side ponytails, it’s completely possible to do so! You’ll need a few supplies, but mostly it’s all about being patient and careful. Keep in mind that even though all the styles at Budgetwigs are quite durable, nothing holds hair in place quite like your scalp. Never pull on your wig roughly with a hairbrush. Use a lighter touch and gently smooth strands into place with a comb.

To get started, browse sites such as Pinterest for basic updo hairstyles you admire. Even searching for “wig updo tutorials” will yield results. Save images of your favorites and bookmark links for tutorials. Once you’re ready to proceed, gather supplies such as smooth elastic bands (no metal pieces to snag on your wig), hair pins, and combs. You can use hairspray, but be sure it is compatible with your wig first (we would always recommend the Revlon Wig Holding Spray and don’t apply it until you’re completely happy with the finished style.

If you’ve never tried styling an updo on a wig, start simple. Choosing a complicated braid-French twist-bun will only leave you feeling frustrated. Don’t risk taking that out on your wig. Instead, consider a classy, low bun.


You can style any medium length to long wig on your head or on a wig form, whatever is easiest for you. However, a wig form might be best until you get the hang of creating updos. The Natural Collection’s Amaryllis and Snowdrop styles are great examples of wigs suitable for styling.


Once you feel comfortable applying new looks to your wigs, don’t be afraid to attempt more intricate looks. This exquisite side French braid bun can be next on your list. If you would prefer visit us at Budgetwigs and and work with an experienced consultant who will help you try on samples and find the right length to transform into updos.




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New Wig Range - Hairware's Natural Collection

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Hairware is proud to present their Natural Collection; a range of styles, made in a variety of constructions and fibres to create wearable natural looks and to enable to wearer to feel great. This collection has been made using the most up to date wig technology to create stunning styles to see feel and wear.
Special Blend Range
Heat set, curl, straighten, brush and comb to create a finished style all your own. The beauty of Hairware's Special Blends is that it looks, feels, acts – and styles – just like 100% human hair. Exclusively from Hairware, this unique blend of 70% heat friendly fiber and 30% human hair far exceeds other heat friendly styles with built-in moisture control properties that withstand temperatures up to 180°C or 356°F. Every silky strand of this human hair blend is hand tied into the softest, lightest head-hugging cap material for a cool, comfortable fit on even the most sensitive scalp. And at about 1/3 the price of more costly 100% human hair products, Special Blend hair feels absolutely beautiful.
Hand Tied Range
Designed with the hair loss client in mind our lace front mono top with hand tied sides and back cap construction offers cool and lightweight comfort and the most believable silhouettes in product design. The natural looking hairline is perfect for off the face styling. This seamless construction creates the most comfortable fit available in the market today. Ideal if you have a sensitive scalp or are experiencing any type of hair loss albeit temporary or permanent in nature. Our fully hand tied wigs are made with single layer, ultra-fine mesh fabrics that blend with any skin tone while creating the illusion of natural hair growth wherever the hair is parted, for the most realistic in styling flexibility.
Gossamer Open Top Range
An air of confidence — What is it about looking good that makes you feel so good about yourself? Designed with style and comfort in mind,our Open Top collection looks and feels fantastic. A delicate layer of gossamer lies softly against the scalp allowing air to circulate freely. Petal-patterned netting adds stretch and support to every style and is dyed in a complementary shade to ensure complete coverage. You can style to the left. Style it to the right. Keep it sophisticated during the day. Even step up the volume for a night on the town. And always step out in complete confidence.
Mono- Part Range
Reveal your style — You’re a woman who knows how to keep a secret. And so do we. Our Mono Part collection looks natural from any angle. The top is designed to look like your own scalp and each strand is hand-tied to simulate natural hair growth. The cap itself is crafted of breathable material selected for their softness, making this style perfect for women with sensitive scalps and those undergoing chemotherapy. Best of all, they are much more affordable than they look. But who’s going to tell?
Mono Top Range
Most of our mono top styles can be parted on the left, the right or down the middle and never reveal anything but great style. Some are designed with a specific part in mind to preserve the integrity of the style and overall density. The secret is in the quality construction. Every style is designed to appear as your natural scalp with our monofilament base construction. Each strand of fiber is hand-tied to simulate natural hair growth. Wispy bits of fringe framing the hairline allow you to comb your hair toward or away from your face while keeping a realistic silhouette. Of course, Hairware always has your comfort in mind. Each ultra-lightweight style features wefted sides and back for the most comfortable fit possible while allowing a breathable yet capless feel to each style.
Lace Front Range
A natural beauty — A gorgeous hairline everyone will think you were born with. Our Lace Front styles mimic your natural hairline, right down to those wispy little hairs that frame your face. Just like more costly custom-made pieces, the graduated density of these styles begins with a finer appearance in the front and gradually increases as it reaches the crown. You can part it and style it like it was your own. Run your fingers through your hair and trust that your Lace Front style looks believable, beautiful, and enviable, naturally.
Lace Front Mono-Top Range
If you’re a have-it-all kind of gal, then you’re going to love our Lace Front Mono Top collection. The natural looking hairline of our exclusive lace front design lets you sweep your hair back from your face. At the same time, the unique technology of our Mono Top design has the look of a natural scalp so you can part your hair and even create the look of side swept bangs. The cap is as soft as a spring breeze, and it’s breathable, so even with the most sensitive scalp, you can wear each style from the early morning into the wee hours. By combining the best of both worlds, this collection offers everything you want, and more.

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New to Budgetwigs - Chemo Beanies

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We are proud to now stock the latest beanies from US supplier Chemobeanies


We were impressed with the high quality design of these beanies that are especially for woman experiencing hairloss.


We wanted to share with you the Chemo Beanies story.....


Chemo Beanies is a family business founded out of love and necessity when two sisters were diagnosed with Breast Cancer. The negative experience one sister had trying to find head covers during treatment, translated into coming up with a solution to ease the burden for her older sister when she was diagnosed 5 years later. The immediate reaction from other patients who saw them, inspired the family to launch Chemo Beanies, so that every women who is in the midst of this major health crisis, can stop worrying about the additional problem of covering their bald head.

Chemobeanies Cover

Searching for comfortable, stylish ways to deal with sudden, unwanted hair-loss leaves most women feeling frustrated and disappointed. After trying all the available head cover “solutions”, they knew exactly what was missing. They had tried all of the cute hats that looked great in the catalogs, but never really functioned in their everyday lives. They tried the traditional “cancer turbans” that met the comfort criteria, but lacked the fashionable style they were yearning for. Then they utilized the traditional go-to option of the “bandanas and scarves,” but they quickly proved difficult to tie and refused to stay in place. Lastly they tried wigs, which work well occasionally, but were not always the most comfortable for all situations. The bottom line was that we were frustrated by spending time and money on options that just never solved our problem.


We at Budgetwigs share Chemo Beanies belief that Chemo Beanies unique style and function are the one solution that simply takes the “Burden out of Baldness!”

They knew exactly what they wanted–a comfortable, effortless, stylish head cover they could pop on their head and go without a fuss…or even a mirror. Chemo Beanies have a great fit with the perfect amount of feminine flare. The unique bunching and neck ruffle in the back, provide volume and full coverage to the bare neck, while remaining highly fashionable and easy to slip on. They have chosen only the softest materials with the perfect amount of stretch to naturally adjust for a secure fit on any size head.

We personally know the issues women deal with when battling this disease, and we believe this product will make life a little easier, by providing fashionable, comfortable head wear to keep you on the go. It is so important to focus on getting better and staying positive, and Chemo Beanies have been designed knowing how difficult it is to worry about your outward appearance when you are simply trying to focus on your health. One day, there may be a time when these are no longer needed, but until then, our mission is to make this particular burden a little bit easier to deal with.

Please have a look around our site. We think you’ll find something here that suits your own style, and we guarantee you’ll love how they feel and look!

It is Budgetwigs and Chemo Beanies mission to help woman with their self esteem during chemo by providing a great product, great customer service and to give back to those in need of our help.


Have a good weekend


Hannah x


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Which is right for you...? Human hair Vs Synthetic Wigs

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Both human hair and synthetic wigs have the positive benefits and negative limitations and we often get asked which is best. There is no definitive answer to this question the question to ask is which is right for you and suits your needs.


Human Hair


(Sawyer Wig in Golden Wheat)


  • Is more expensive
  • With proper care it can last longer than a synthetic wig but requires more care than a synthetic wig
  • It needs to be styled just as you would your own hair
  • There is more styling options can the hair is fully heat resistant the wig can be straightened, curled etc just as you would your own hair.
  • Has a natural look and feel when touched

Synthetic Hair


(Bridgitte Wig in Hazelnut Mist)


  • Is cheaper than human hair
  • With proper care it can last 3-6 months
  • Can be worn straight out of the box as the style is burnt into the fibre. They are ready to wear!
  • Requires less care than a human hair wig and the wig will not lose its style, shape or curls.
  • Styling is limited as with most synthetic wigs heat cannot be used.
  • High quality synthetic fibre hair looks and feels very similar to human hair so is just as natural looking.


The most important thing is to select the wig that suits you and your lifestyle. You should feel confident when wearing your wig and feel like you!


If you would like any help in selecting a wig please feel free to email or call us and one of our friendly team will be happy to help.





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