Grey Hair is leading the way for 2015!

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Harvey Nicholls have released their latest trend report for 2015 and they have predicted that Grey Hairstyles will be big news for 2015.  Marion Carpentier, Food, Wine and Hospitality Director at Harvey Nichols, said:“Grey hair is becoming a stylish and fashionable option for both older and younger women alike as the mindset towards the hair colour changes. It can actually make a woman look softer, more premium, more interesting – younger, even, if done in the right way.”

Some of our favorite celebrities of all ages have embraced this trend.




If you don't want to make a date with your hairdresser yet why not try one of our fabulous grey wigs!

Check out our favorites below.

Noelle from Revlon Wigs

Noelle Wig (formerly Nice Touch) by Revlon Wigs is a short style that is layered all over with soft tapered sides and neckline. This wig is incredibly light and comfortable weighing only 2 ozs. This style is made from pre-styled synthetic fibre ensuring that this short wig is ready to wear - quick and easy to style!


Petite Portia from Revlon Wigs

Petite Portia wig (formerly Petite Persuasion) by Revlon Wigs is a bestselling bob cut with a face framing wispy fringe. Portia is often considered a smaller/ petite version of our popular Scorpio Wig. It is a sleek modern style that flatters most face shapes. The cap has a left sided monofilament parting to mimic the appearance of natural hair growth on a parting. This style is made from pre-styled synthetic fibre ensuring that this short wig is ready to wear - quick and easy to style!


Hattie from Revlon Wigs

Hattie wig (formerly Hot Ticket) by Revlon Wigs is a bestselling classic style which has a special thin wefts for a natural comfortable fit and look. This style has plenty of volume and curls. The cap is breathable and lightweight ensuring maximum comfort for the wearer. This style is made from pre-styled synthetic fibre ensuring that this short wig is ready to wear - quick and easy to style!


Pizazz from Revlon Wigs

Revlon Fantasy Wig - try a dramatic new look! Ideal for a party or a dramatic change.

Available in a selection of daring colours (colour chart on large picture) - Aqua, Dark Blue, Copper, Violet, Pink, Red, White and Black


Dahlia from Hairware's Natural Collection

Dahlia from Hairware's Natural Collection offers soft layers and added body with this neckline hugging casual style. This pixie cut has a lace front monofilament top construction that allows to style in a variety of ways customizing this item to suit your mood and preference. Available in dark grey, medium grey and light grey as well as all other Natural collection colours.


Apple From Hairware's Natural Collection

Apple from Hairware's Natural Collection is one of the most stylish and ready to wear lace front bob cut wigs available. Apple wig has flipped point cut layers and feathered ends that gives this signature bob a modern makeover. The lace front and hand tied monofilament top construction will empower you with confidence.As well as all standard Natural collection colours Apple is available in dark grey, medium grey and light grey.


Blythe from Hairware's California Collection

Hairware's California Collection Blythe is from the classic range. The classic range features a range of beautiful styles on a lightweight fully wefted cap. Blythe is a beautiful short style/ pixie cut available in a variety of colours.









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New Wig Range - Hairware's Natural Collection

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Hairware is proud to present their Natural Collection; a range of styles, made in a variety of constructions and fibres to create wearable natural looks and to enable to wearer to feel great. This collection has been made using the most up to date wig technology to create stunning styles to see feel and wear.
Special Blend Range
Heat set, curl, straighten, brush and comb to create a finished style all your own. The beauty of Hairware's Special Blends is that it looks, feels, acts – and styles – just like 100% human hair. Exclusively from Hairware, this unique blend of 70% heat friendly fiber and 30% human hair far exceeds other heat friendly styles with built-in moisture control properties that withstand temperatures up to 180°C or 356°F. Every silky strand of this human hair blend is hand tied into the softest, lightest head-hugging cap material for a cool, comfortable fit on even the most sensitive scalp. And at about 1/3 the price of more costly 100% human hair products, Special Blend hair feels absolutely beautiful.
Hand Tied Range
Designed with the hair loss client in mind our lace front mono top with hand tied sides and back cap construction offers cool and lightweight comfort and the most believable silhouettes in product design. The natural looking hairline is perfect for off the face styling. This seamless construction creates the most comfortable fit available in the market today. Ideal if you have a sensitive scalp or are experiencing any type of hair loss albeit temporary or permanent in nature. Our fully hand tied wigs are made with single layer, ultra-fine mesh fabrics that blend with any skin tone while creating the illusion of natural hair growth wherever the hair is parted, for the most realistic in styling flexibility.
Gossamer Open Top Range
An air of confidence — What is it about looking good that makes you feel so good about yourself? Designed with style and comfort in mind,our Open Top collection looks and feels fantastic. A delicate layer of gossamer lies softly against the scalp allowing air to circulate freely. Petal-patterned netting adds stretch and support to every style and is dyed in a complementary shade to ensure complete coverage. You can style to the left. Style it to the right. Keep it sophisticated during the day. Even step up the volume for a night on the town. And always step out in complete confidence.
Mono- Part Range
Reveal your style — You’re a woman who knows how to keep a secret. And so do we. Our Mono Part collection looks natural from any angle. The top is designed to look like your own scalp and each strand is hand-tied to simulate natural hair growth. The cap itself is crafted of breathable material selected for their softness, making this style perfect for women with sensitive scalps and those undergoing chemotherapy. Best of all, they are much more affordable than they look. But who’s going to tell?
Mono Top Range
Most of our mono top styles can be parted on the left, the right or down the middle and never reveal anything but great style. Some are designed with a specific part in mind to preserve the integrity of the style and overall density. The secret is in the quality construction. Every style is designed to appear as your natural scalp with our monofilament base construction. Each strand of fiber is hand-tied to simulate natural hair growth. Wispy bits of fringe framing the hairline allow you to comb your hair toward or away from your face while keeping a realistic silhouette. Of course, Hairware always has your comfort in mind. Each ultra-lightweight style features wefted sides and back for the most comfortable fit possible while allowing a breathable yet capless feel to each style.
Lace Front Range
A natural beauty — A gorgeous hairline everyone will think you were born with. Our Lace Front styles mimic your natural hairline, right down to those wispy little hairs that frame your face. Just like more costly custom-made pieces, the graduated density of these styles begins with a finer appearance in the front and gradually increases as it reaches the crown. You can part it and style it like it was your own. Run your fingers through your hair and trust that your Lace Front style looks believable, beautiful, and enviable, naturally.
Lace Front Mono-Top Range
If you’re a have-it-all kind of gal, then you’re going to love our Lace Front Mono Top collection. The natural looking hairline of our exclusive lace front design lets you sweep your hair back from your face. At the same time, the unique technology of our Mono Top design has the look of a natural scalp so you can part your hair and even create the look of side swept bangs. The cap is as soft as a spring breeze, and it’s breathable, so even with the most sensitive scalp, you can wear each style from the early morning into the wee hours. By combining the best of both worlds, this collection offers everything you want, and more.

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