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It's one thing to invest in a handsome wig, hair piece and/or extensions, but it's quite another thing to keep them all in great condition. For many wig maintenance requirements, there's simply no better decision than to pick up a few of our wig aftercare products right here at Budget Wigs. We are especially renowned stockists of Revlon wig care accessories, so you can be sure of their quality and dependability.


However, in keeping with our company name, we also know how to offer such sought-after wig aftercare products with big discounts on their RRPs. But let's look at the products themselves - have you considered investing in a Revlon Folding Wig Brush, for example, or even just a simple Revlon Wide Tooth Comb for getting those troublesome tangles out of your wig, while boosting its volume?


If you'd like a cheap and convenient tool for styling your wig or hairpiece, you may be tempted by the Revlon Wooden Brush, or you may decide to pick up a roll of Toupee Tape for the secure and comfortable attachment of your wig - with no more worries of the unthinkable happening! Or what about a lightweight Revlon Wig Cap Liner that will keep your wig even more secure by warding off the possibility of slippage?


We could go on and on, mentioning great Revlon wig aftercare products that you simply wouldn't find at such low prices anywhere else. When the time comes that you want to make your wig softer and bouncier, for instance, you're sure to adore Revlon Balsam. It's an even better idea to pair it with Revlon's Revitalizing Conditioner, which not only ensures your wig's continued softness and shininess, but also extends its lifespan.


Don't forget that we also stock good old-fashioned Revlon Wig Shampoo, which is the dependable choice if you want to keep your wig truly healthy and manageable. If you've got a bit more money to spend, though, you may decide to buy one of our Revlon Hairpiece Care Kits that contain two ounces each of texturizing cleanser, wig styling spray and revitalizing conditioner. Or what about a Wig Stand? Yes, we offer one of those, too!


We told you that we were the complete one-stop source of affordable wigs... well, it turns out that the same applies for wig aftercare products, too.


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