Our clip in hair extensions might just save your summer!

Posted on April 29, 2015 by Hannah | 0 comments

So, the sun's out at last, there's exciting stuff happening everywhere and everyone looks sexy... well, almost everyone. You're stressing out about your look, especially your hair. It isn't long enough! It isn't voluminous enough! Yes, you can get hair extensions, but who wants all of the cost and inconvenience of getting a professional hair stylist to put them in? Isn't there an easier option?


Well, as it happens, there certainly is that easier option, in the form of our quite dashing clip in hair extensions here at Budget Wigs! We know how annoying conventional hair extensions can be, which is why we offer such a broad range of clip in extensions that you can put in and take out with ease. They're well-priced, as you'd expect given the name of our site, and they also come from leading brands like Revlon and Tres.


Imagine that you're looking for hair extensions that give you plenty of gorgeous, loose layers and movement, with two interlocking combs and impressive volume. Well, that's exactly what you get with Revlon's 16" clip in hair extensions, which make it easy for you to pull your hair into a ponytail, fix a comb on one side and place the other comb on the other side of the ponytail, before gently pushing them together so that they interlock.


We can also bring you Revlon Fabulength Halo hair extensions that are heat friendly and enable you to add immediate volume and length. These extensions are on a halo wire, with fitting taking just seconds - all that you have to do is put the extension and wire around the crown of your head, before putting your own hair over the top. With two halo extensions in each pack, you've got everything that you need to create the fully voluminous look.


Also popular is Revlon's all-in-one clip in Instant Length extension that introduces real luxurious length to existing hair, as well as Revlon Length Plus Wavy hair extensions which, again, come as one piece and couldn't be quicker and easier to fit. Or, if you've got somewhat more cash to burn and a no-compromise attitude, what about Tres X Extensions, consisting of 10 16" clip in hair pieces made from 100% human hair?


We'll leave you to do the choosing - but needless to say that when it's clip in hair extensions that you're after, we really do have all of the options to save your summer here at Budget Wigs!

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