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Revlon wigs offer both a natural appearance and incredible comfort, so it’s no surprise that they make up one of our most popular collections. In addition to their outstanding quality, Revlon wigs are available in a vast number of styles, so you can use the selection in our online store to take your look back in time.

Party like it’s 1929

Embrace timeless flapper style by transporting yourself to The Roaring Twenties. Hairstyles were moving from the tame, restrained locks of the past towards a look that embraced modernist chic. Girls in the '20s were the first to go short, with the classic bob look soon coming to define the generation. With clean bangs lying flat over the forehead and a straight cut across the whole do, those effortlessly elegant styles still look fantastic today. 

To get that look for yourself, try the Revlon Illusion. This monofilament cap uses hand-tied construction and a two-way stretch to stay secure, even when you’re dancing the night away.

Live it up like Audrey in the '50s

The 1950s saw the emergence of a whole host of new hairstyles, but perhaps the most iconic was the pixie cut sported by Audrey Hepburn. While beehives and updos were still popular, girls everywhere were going minimal, with short, textured cuts.

Try the Revlon Cambria if you want to live up to that classic style. With its short pixie cut, elegantly tousled for a flattering look, this wig is both lightweight and breathable. Made from pre-styled synthetic fabric, it is extremely comfortable and can be ready to wear in seconds. 

Make a statement in the '80s

When it came to the 1980s, bigger was always better, and that philosophy held true for hairstyles. When girls weren’t shaping their locks into Mohawks, they were volumizing it to the extreme.

Long, curly hair that flowed right over the shoulders was in vogue back in the '80s, but you don’t need to spend hours with your curlers to achieve that style today. All that you need is the Revlon Cognac, with its beautiful loose curls which cascade gracefully downwards. Comfortable to wear and easy to maintain, the Revlon Cognac is a stunning wig.

Take a step towards the exact look that you’re after by checking out all of the wigs on offer in our amazing online store.

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