Visit Us for a Specialist Wig Fitting

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Budgetwigs consultants aim to provide a private, personal and individual appointment and make you feel as comfortable as possible.

Our appointments are carried out in private fitting rooms with natural lighting.


During the appointment we will take the time to look at the brochures and colour options. (If you have time prior to your appointment we recommend that you look at styles and colours on our website and make a small list of your favorite wigs or hairpieces and bring this along to your appointment). We aim to choose approximately five wigs or hairpieces from the Revlon, Natural and California collections to suite the individuals skin tone and face shape.


There are different cap sizes to consider- Petite, Average and Large. Also different cap constructions-Laced front, Monofilament, wefted and Hand tied. The majority of the wigs and Hairpieces are made with synthetic hair, alternative options would be the Special blend (mix of human and synthetic hair) and 100% human Hair. All of these options would be discussed with the consultant at the appointment.


Each chosen wig or hairpiece will be tried on by the client, fitted and styled by the Consultant. Time will be given for the client to try the wig of their choice on by themselves with verbal instruction from the Consultant. At this point wig and hairpiece care advice will be given with recommendations to care products.

This bespoke fitting which can take up to one and a half hours.


If you are registered as disabled with a medical condition a VAT form can be requested from your consultant. Once this is completed and returned the VAT will be refunded on the wig only.


Budgetwigs hold over six thousand wigs and hairpieces in a multitude of colours in stock. If we don’t have your preferred style or colour in stock it can be supplied within 7 to 10 days.


There is free parking facilities with disabled parking available with easy ground floor access to the private fitting rooms.


We supply wigs and hairpieces to Chemotherapy (Cancer sufferers), alopecia (Hair loss and thinning hair), cross dressers, transvestites, transsexuals, transgender etc

We offer this service to the Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and the South West areas.

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New Summer Styles

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Latest New Styles From Chemobeanies


Check out the latest styles from our favorite scarf designers at Chemobeanies.
Chemobeanies design beautiful, stylish, soft comfortable scarfs that are ready to wear for ladies experiencing hairloss. These can be worn on their own or over the top of your own hair or wig to protect from the Sun.
These styles are soft comfortable and lightweight. To see the full Chemobeanie range please click here.

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A look at our buns and other clip on hairpieces

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No, 'buns' isn't a euphemism - we're talking about the hair buns that so many people love to make a central part of their look. What you might not have realised, however, is that there are many hairpieces that also allow you to create this appearance. You don't need to have suffered from medical hair loss to find our wigs invaluable, as many people find them just a quick and convenient way of giving themselves a new style.


We have seen steady sales for our clip on bun hairpieces, and you only need to glance at a few to find out why. The Revlon Braid Puff Bun is one such hairpiece that catches the eye, and which you can attach simply by sliding it over your own hair. Within seconds, you'll look stunning, and there are so many ways of wearing it. What about a beehive, for example? Another option is the simply-titled Revlon Braid Bun, which gives you a really classic, simple look.


Or why not try out another one of Revlon's fantastic clip on bun hairpieces, the sophisticated and classy Double Braid Bun? It's much like the aforementioned Braid Bun, except that even more glamour has been lent to it by an additional plait around the bun's outer edge. It is available in almost every colour that you can imagine, from Black and Medium Brown to Coffee Caramel and Dark Blonde.


However, your next clip on hairpiece doesn't need to be a bun - far from it. You might clip in some extensions, for instance, our Revlon 16" Clip In Extensions being characterised by an abundance of loose layers and movement, but also the utmost ease of use. Or why not clip on a fringe? Such a fringe is available from our Hairware range and really does enable you to swiftly overhaul your look, without having to go through all of the hassle of constantly trimming a real fringe and waiting for it to grow out.


Even if you have been shopping for hairpieces with us for a while, you'll always find something new and exciting in the online store at Budget Wigs - clip on bun hairpieces being just some of our fabulous offerings! Why not browse the site now to see what we currently have in stock?

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Hand tied monofilament wigs are some of the most convincing around

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Choosing a wig is certainly a tricky task for any woman - which one will not only offer your desired style and colour, but also look truly convincing, leading no one to question whether your hair is natural? Certainly, if you're seeking a genuinely realistic-looking wig that also doesn't compromise your comfort, you can't beat our hand tied monofilament wigs here at Budget Wigs.


While we would be the last people to be critical of machine tied wigs, hand tied monofilament wigs truly can't be bettered as far as natural appearance is concerned. The hand-tying of the fibre of these wigs into the filament means that they behave much like real hair, with the overall wig also being lighter than many of the alternatives. This makes hand tied monofilament wigs especially good to wear in warmer temperatures.


Shop at Budget Wigs for hand tied monofilament wigs, and not only do you get a huge range to choose from, encompassing the likes of the acclaimed Hairware California and Natural collections, but you'll also get them at big discounts on the usual retail prices. Whatever the look you want to achieve, we have a wig in this range to suit - and whether you part them on the left, right or down the middle, they will always be effortlessly stylish.


Perhaps it's the California Collection Claremont that most attracts your attention, this short and natural style offering the utmost comfort and believability due to sitting close to the wearer's head. Or what about the beautifully layered, soft lace front California Collection Laguna? This is another gorgeously natural style that incorporates long face flattering layers. Then, there's the California Collection Mariposa, which with its soft flattering layers around the face and soft waves along the back, also strikes the perfect balance between short and medium length.


Or, for something a little different that still epitomises the height of fabulousness, check out our Natural Collection wigs, the long layered and glamorous Birch wig being the perfect example. Its hand tied lace in the front creates the illusion of your own hairline, also allowing for your fringe to be styled off of the face. Such other Natural Collection wigs as the Amaryllis, Lavender, Rose and Saffron all help to ensure that your style stays fresh.


Plus, we also have a great selection of Revlon hand tied monofilament wigs. In short, when you're in the market for wigs of this type, you just won't do better than Budget Wigs - so we humbly suggest that you look no further!

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A quick tour of our wig aftercare products

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It's one thing to invest in a handsome wig, hair piece and/or extensions, but it's quite another thing to keep them all in great condition. For many wig maintenance requirements, there's simply no better decision than to pick up a few of our wig aftercare products right here at Budget Wigs. We are especially renowned stockists of Revlon wig care accessories, so you can be sure of their quality and dependability.


However, in keeping with our company name, we also know how to offer such sought-after wig aftercare products with big discounts on their RRPs. But let's look at the products themselves - have you considered investing in a Revlon Folding Wig Brush, for example, or even just a simple Revlon Wide Tooth Comb for getting those troublesome tangles out of your wig, while boosting its volume?


If you'd like a cheap and convenient tool for styling your wig or hairpiece, you may be tempted by the Revlon Wooden Brush, or you may decide to pick up a roll of Toupee Tape for the secure and comfortable attachment of your wig - with no more worries of the unthinkable happening! Or what about a lightweight Revlon Wig Cap Liner that will keep your wig even more secure by warding off the possibility of slippage?


We could go on and on, mentioning great Revlon wig aftercare products that you simply wouldn't find at such low prices anywhere else. When the time comes that you want to make your wig softer and bouncier, for instance, you're sure to adore Revlon Balsam. It's an even better idea to pair it with Revlon's Revitalizing Conditioner, which not only ensures your wig's continued softness and shininess, but also extends its lifespan.


Don't forget that we also stock good old-fashioned Revlon Wig Shampoo, which is the dependable choice if you want to keep your wig truly healthy and manageable. If you've got a bit more money to spend, though, you may decide to buy one of our Revlon Hairpiece Care Kits that contain two ounces each of texturizing cleanser, wig styling spray and revitalizing conditioner. Or what about a Wig Stand? Yes, we offer one of those, too!


We told you that we were the complete one-stop source of affordable wigs... well, it turns out that the same applies for wig aftercare products, too.


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